UNIITE - Understanding the Need for
Interfaith / Intercultural Togetherness & Education

Health Care & World Religions Series (meeting February 20, 2006)
St. Cloud Hospital Officials and UNIITE Board Members


Minutes taken by: Cristina Seaborn


Present: Vickie Ruegemer, Bret Reuter (of SCH), Malcolm Nazareth, Mariani Nazareth, Jerry Wetterling, Nora Erpelding, and Cristina Seaborn (of UNIITE)

Bret: Since we have Vickie here, how would you like to involve the education department. What you need for CEUs, publicizing the event, meeting rooms & times.

Cristina and Jerry: Thank you for being our first organizational member. We hope to have an ongoing relationships with the Saint Cloud hospital for years to come.

Malcolm - a brief description of project

UNIITE's concerns

UNIITE has to pay for publicity and promotion?

How flexible is St. Cloud Hospital in these areas:
promotion costs
program materials
facility and arrangements (on site management)

We have to discuss registration fee. There is no fee for hospital employees, but how much is the fee for outside people?

Facilitator arrangements:
UNIITE has to pay for snacks?

We have $7000 set aside from implementation grant. If we get that grant ($20,000) the money is there.

St. Cloud Hospital's concerns

The majority of the people who come will be from the hospital (5000 employees). The morning programs are going to be at the Saint Cloud Hospital in the 200 seat theatre. The festival will be at the Windfeldt room at CentraCare.

Can UNIITE pull this off? We have to bring on volunteers who have expertise in certain areas.

CEUs for doctors are done by Sandy Theisen.

Advertise a minimum of two months in advance for nurses to have time off.

Charge $10 for hospital employees for sessions so that people make a commitment to be there.

Provide lunch with the $25-$40 session. If you go to all 5 sessions you only pay $100.

People coming from Paynesville will think $25 is reasonable. People from the cities will think it's a bargain.

We direct mail to counties in the area. We send 3 to 5 brochures to education department and they distribute them as appropriate.

We are charging $25 a person.
Saint Cloud Hospital is in charge of CEUs.
UNIITE is responsible for bringing in speakers.

If not enough people sign up, what do we do? Separate meeting.

If you do a colored brochure, it is extremely expensive. If you do a two color brochure, print cost for 3000 ($400-450), mailing is $200. We can e-mail as a PDF file. We do not accept charge card registrations. We need a tear off registration form with e-mail address.

You could have 10 to 150 people at each presentation. If first session is done extremely well, you will have an influx of registrations for the following.

Send out a notice to staff now that this is happening. Watch brochure rack. Mail out brochures by July. Put out on hospital internet, company sites. Have objectives all identified. Near 6000 employees throughout CentraCarel

One page flyer printed on color printer, rather than folded brochure. Brochure is nice for mailing, bulk rate is printed right here. We could use both, flyer is more effective internally, brochures better for mailing. Put a note saying, if you need bulk flyers. Let us know.

Flyers for each individual event.

As we register for each session, have the computer automatically print out: thank you for registering for this session, please know we have these other 4 sessions, if you need flyers, let us know.

I would not do a lot of newspaper advertising.

AHCEM - all health care employees

We mail to all hospitals and clinics in a 12 county region.

We could facilitate some of this communication. We expect the grant to pay for postage if we get the grant.

As soon as we get the dates confirmed, I would put the information out.

The Hoppe room would be good. The festival will be on a Saturday.

With Hoppe we will have parking issues. We are trying to avoid parking issues. This would give an encouragement to do all of them at the plaza because the parking is better. The one-hour summary becomes less reachable for the Saint Cloud Hospital crowd.

Our hospital staff will go over to Windfeldt for the entire 4 hours. Few would go for the 1 hour.

You aren't going to do much role playing in Hopi because of theatre seating that can't be moved. There is no stage. How much space is there from the first row and the screen.

You could give a deadline where you pay $25 and charge $30 after the deadline.

Registrations come to Vickie, who needs info for CEUs.

Tuesdays: Windfeldt is not available
Sept 12
Oct 3, 17, 24

SEPT 19, 26 OCT 10, 31, NOV

Hoppe is available:


If speakers have handouts, we would need them 1 week before each session. Expenses of copying speaker handouts will be done by hospital, paid for out of registration fee.

Vickie will send basic evaluation form and we can adapt it.