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Sister Rekha Chennattu
Sister Rekha Chennattu


First Year Activities

Second Year Activities

John Gospel Diversity Fest Report

Interfaith services rendered by CIE in June 2000: Sacred Texts of World Faiths Series, Phase Three

Christian Sacred Texts: John Gospel Diversity Fest
Title: "An Encounter with Jesus: Exploring the Gospel of John"
Presented by Rekha Chennattu, RA (Religious of the Assumption)

Summary: This series of presentations first introduced participants to the background, main themes, and a comprehensive vision of John's Gospel. Participants were enabled to discover Jesus in the Gospel of John by a deep analysis of selected texts. This encounter with Jesus challenged us to deepen our commitment to ourselves, to others, and to the whole cosmos.

1st Day (Sat. 6/17/00): An Overview of the Gospel of John: "God's Revelation and the Human Response"
Co-presenter: Pastor Dee Pederson
Location: Bethlehem Lutheran Church

2nd Day (Mon. 6/19): Prologue (Jn 1:1-18): "God's Presence in the Cosmos and God's Pilgrimage with Humans"
Co-presenter: Ms. Idella Moberg
Location: St. Francis Convent, Little Falls

3rd Day (Tues. 6/20): Discipleship (Jn 1:35-51): "Discipleship: A Dynamic Process of Becoming"
Co-presenter: Rev. Linda Roal
Location: Christ Church Newman Center

Break Day (Wed. 6/21): Celebration-of-Life and Picnic; Topic: Gospel-of-Solentiname-style session: "Wedding at Cana" (Jn 2:1-11)
Animators: Sr. Renee, OSB, and Bette Bartos
Location: Grasshopper Chapel, Cold Spring, MN

4th Day (Thurs. 6/22): The Samaritan Woman (Jn 4:4-42): "The Samaritan Woman: Social Critic, Contextualized Theologian, and Committed Apostle"
Co-presenter: Dr. Linda Maloney
Location: St. John's Episcopal Church

5th Day (Fri. 6/23): Washing the Disciples' Feet (Jn 13:1-20): "Sign of Discipleship: Commitment to Love and Service"
Co-presenter: Pastor Signe Gray
Location: University Lutheran Church of the Epiphany

6th Day (Sat. 6/24): Appearance of the Risen Lord to Mary Magdalene (Jn 20:11-18): "Message of Hope and Peace: A Victory of Love, Freedom and Commitment"
Co-presenter: Dr. Noreen Herzfeld
Location: Salem Lutheran Church