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graphic - Health Care and World Religions

UNIITE’s 2006-07
“Health Care and World Religions” Series


Time Frame:
Phase A (in two parts):
Five sessions plus festival, end-September through mid-November 2006

Phase B: Talking circles develop case stories, mid-November 2006 through end-February 2007

Phase C (in two parts): Five panels of specialists plus concluding festival, end-February through March 2007


Details on topics and dates


Hoppe Auditorium
St. Cloud Hospital
1406 6th Avenue N
St Cloud, MN 56303

Direction/Map to the St. Cloud Hospital

Direction to Hoppe Auditorium
Park in the north parking lot (the main visitor parking lot on the north end of the hospital). Enter Entrance E and follow the main corridor to Lobby D and the D Elevator. Take the D Elevator down one level to Level A. Turn left out of the elevator bay and Hoppe Auditorium is directly in front of you.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Whitney Senior Center
1527 Northway Drive
St Cloud, MN 56303

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Project Goals and Objectives

Goal One:
Health care practitioners in the Saint Cloud area will learn how the religious and cultural traditions of immigrants affect how they perceive and access health care.


  1. Health care professionals will have the opportunity to interact directly in role play with representatives of the five immigrant groups and to receive immediate feedback on those interactions in a frank, friendly, and fun atmosphere.
  2. Health care professionals will discuss concrete ways in which all those who are engaged in health care delivery could integrate knowledge of diverse faiths and cultures into their clinical practice.
  3. Immigrants and others will explore new and viable avenues to decrease cultural and economic barriers to health care.

Goal Two:
Health care professionals will expand the current biomedical paradigm(s) of health and healing, especially mental health, to include wellness and health beliefs and practices from diverse faiths into a holistic model of health care delivery.


  1. Health care professionals will extend their cultural competence to include the spiritual and religious beliefs and practices of the new immigrant populations.
  2. Local mainstream health care professionals will increase their knowledge of and sensitivity to effective integrative and complementary health care practices with a special emphasis on yoga.
  3. Practitioners of mainstream and complementary healing will build professional connections with one another.
  4. Immigrant healers will have an opportunity to share the richness of their healing traditions with others practicing from the biomedical paradigms.
  5. Mainstream health care providers will correct any misconceptions they might have about the spiritually-based health-related beliefs and practices of people from diverse faiths and cultures.

Goal Three:
UNIITE will develop an educational model for introducing health care practitioners around the state to the gifts and challenges associated with religious and cultural diversity.


  1. UNIITE will develop a series of PowerPoint case stories on the experiences of particular immigrant groups in relation to the mainstream health care system.
  2. UNIITE will develop a model for a Cultural Healing Festival that could be held in any location.



Aims, Objectives, and Strategies
Phase A
Cultural Healing Festival



Thank you, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation, for the "Healthy Together" planning & the implementation grant.