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"Not by matted hair, nor by family, nor by birth does one become a brahmin. But in whom there exist both truth and righteousness, pure is he, a brahmin is he. I do not call him a brahmin merely because he is born of a brahmin womb or sprung from a brahmin mother. Being with impediments, he should address others as "sir." But he who is free from impediments, free from clinging--him I call a brahmin."

Buddhism. Dhammapada 393, 396

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UNIITE's membership list 2005-2006

Organizational Member
St Cloud Hospital

Associate Members
Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls
St Maryís Cathedral of St Cloud
Christ Church Newman Center
Elaine Hanson
Michelle Blenkush & Dan Michaels
Sylvia & Gerald Mertens

New Horizon Methodist Church
Madeline Beaumont & Nancy McDarby
St Johnís Episcopal Church
Darlene Angst


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