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Interfaith / Intercultural Togetherness & Education
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U N I I T E stands for
Understanding the Need for Interfaith/Intercultural Togetherness & Education.

UNIITE is a non-profit organization
under section 501(c)3


We acknowledge that there are many spiritual paths, all worthy of understanding and respect.

We recognize that, as one human family, we share basic needs and goals for happiness and well-being.

We appreciate that, as diverse individuals and groups, we have unique gifts to offer the whole society.

We believe dialogue and celebration of diversity lead to social justice, spiritual transformation, and a more peaceful, harmonious community.

We operate from a position of respect and dialogue with each other, in a manner that is open, loving, and frank.

"Consider the family of  humankind one."
Jainism. Jinasena, Adipurana

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Disclaimer: UNIITE's folder contains valuable information about programs which were conducted by nonprofit UNIITE during the years 2003-08 when it was a legitimate 501C3 in the State of Minnesota. As of 9/30/08, UNIITE is legally dissolved. The UNIITE folder is being hosted as a freely available community resource at various websites thanks entirely to the kind and generous thought of the owners of those sites. Neither UNIITE nor those websites will be maintaining those sites from the date of the conclusion of the nonprofit. The UNIITE folder will function as a historical marker of the many and varied interfaith and intercultural programs which were conducted under the auspices of UNIITE and of its parent organization Center for Interfaith Encounter (established January 2000 in St. Cloud, MN), a for-profit which continues in operation as of 1/10/2008. - Message from the co-founder and executive director of UNIITE, Dr. Malcolm Nazareth


June 23, 2008

Health Care and World Religions Booklet
by UNIITE is now available for viewing and downloading.


We are a small group of Central Minnesota people connected to the larger surrounding communities through our various faith communities, schools, workplaces and other parts of our daily lives.

We are teachers, homemakers, factory workers, nurses, doctors, office workers, students, business owners, musicians, artists, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.

We are people from all walks of life working and playing together to help ourselves and others learn to overcome the barriers of fear and misunderstanding about our differences.

We are about creating vibrant, interactive and welcoming relationships. We are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Baha'i, Atheist, Mormon, Unitarian Universalist, and all other expressions of the Sacred. We are here to befriend and help each other in whatever ways we can.