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Code of Ethics

UNIITE Code of Ethics


Understanding the Need for Interfaith and Intercultural Togetherness and Education (UNIITE) exists to promote and achieve religious and cultural diversity in the greater St. Cloud area. Its board, staff, and volunteers embrace fairness, inclusiveness, diversity, innovation, and integrity and work to advance UNIITE’s mission.

As a nonprofit organization, UNIITE is accountable to its stakeholders, transparent in its operations, responsible in its stewardship of resources, and committed to excellence.

This Code of Ethics applies to UNIITE’s board of directors, staff, and volunteers. The board of directors is elected by UNIITE’s membership. Staff members include those who are employed by UNIITE on a full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary, or contract basis. Volunteers include any individual choosing to work without monetary compensation on behalf of UNIITE.

UNIITE is actively committed to informing board, staff, and volunteers about the code of ethics and its application; evaluating the code regularly, and creating policies and procedures that reflect its values.


The mission of UNIITE is to foster mutual respect and understanding among people of diverse spiritual paths and cultures in the greater St. Cloud area through social and educational opportunities.

Core Values

We acknowledge there are many spiritual paths, all worthy of understanding and respect.

We recognize that, as one human family, we share basic needs and goals for happiness and well-being.

We appreciate that, as diverse individuals and groups, we have unique gifts to offer the whole society.

We believe dialogue and celebration of diversity lead to social justice, spiritual transformation, and a more peaceful, harmonious, community.

We operate from a position of respect and dialogue with each other, in a manner that is open, loving, and frank.

Legal Compliance

UNIITE’s board, staff and volunteers comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and international conventions.

Personal and Professional Conduct

In their dealings as representatives of UNIITE, staff, board, and volunteers act professionally with honesty, integrity, and openness. They treat each other and UNIITE constituents fairly and with respect. Staff, board members, and volunteers are responsible for being aware of and complying with UNIITE policies that address their conduct.

Conflict of Interest

UNIITE staff, board members, and volunteers act in the best interest of the organization rather than in furtherance of personal interests or the interests of third parties, such as friends and family. Decisions about UNIITE and the use or disposition of its assets are made solely in terms of the benefits to UNIITE and are neither influenced nor appear to be influenced, by any private profit, personal gain, or outside benefit for staff, board members, and volunteers; their friends and family members; or the organizations with which they are affiliated.


Board of Directors

UNIITE has an active board of directors that sets UNIITE’s mission, strategic direction, and policies; and has oversight of its finances and operations. The board ensures that its members and the staff act for the benefit of UNIITE and its public purpose with integrity and honesty; that UNIITE’s resources are responsibly and prudently managed; and that UNIITE has the capacity to carry out its programs effectively. The board also supervises, evaluates, and determines appropriate compensation for the executive director, and ensures that UNIITE is fair and inclusive in its employment policies.


All staff members are responsible for understanding the duties of their positions and executing those duties to the best of their abilities. UNIITE promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness, and integrity. Its human resource policies are fair, establish clear expectations, and provide for meaningful and effective performance evaluation. Open communication among staff is highly valued.

To help all staff meet their potential and to sustain UNIITE and encourage its growth, senior staff model professional conduct and provide leadership, clarity, and respect for individuals and for diverse points of view.


UNIITE's volunteers are often are the face of UNIITE to their peers and the public. When acting on behalf of UNIITE, volunteers understand their duties and execute them to the best of their abilities. They convey the mission and goals of UNIITE, and as its representatives, refrain from promoting their own institutions or businesses.


UNIITE responds to the needs of its constituents and is committed to improving its organizational effectiveness, programs, products, and services. It strives to provide information that is accurate, clear, and balanced.

Inclusiveness and Diversity

To enhance its effectiveness, UNIITE promotes inclusiveness, and its staff, board, and volunteers strive to ensure that diversity is reflected in its programs and committees. UNIITE promotes diversity in its hiring, retention, promotion, board recruitment efforts and programming.

Fiscal Responsibility

    UNIITE manages its funds responsibly and prudently by:
  • drawing from its funds consistent with donor intent;
  • ensuring that all spending practices and policies are fair, reasonable, and appropriate to fulfill its mission;
  • generating financial reports that are accurate, complete, and accessible in all material respects.

Fund-Raising and Business Practices

UNIITE is truthful in its fund-raising solicitation materials. It handles information about donations with confidentiality to the extent provided by the law, expends funds consistent with donor intent, and provides appropriate acknowledgement and recognition. UNIITE discloses whether those seeking donations are UNIITE board members, volunteers, employees, or hired solicitors.

In all cases, and for the protection of the good name of UNIITE and its members, UNIITE may only enter into agreements with reputable organizations whose image, product, and services do not conflict with its mission or values.


UNIITE provides comprehensive information about UNIITE and responds in a timely manner to reasonable requests for information. Basic data about UNIITE operations are available to the public.


UNIITE staff, board, and volunteers may have access to confidential and privileged information about UNIITE, its members, and other constituents. Loyalty to UNIITE requires that individuals with access to such information comply with privacy and confidentiality policies and treat all information responsibly and appropriately.

Use of this Code of Ethics

UNIITE’s Code of Ethics is a living document, designed to be disseminated, used, and updated. UNIITE’s Board of Directors will establish a schedule for regular review of the code and its dissemination.

    UNIITE staff will:
  • incorporate the code into the staff handbook and board and committee orientation materials
  • review the code during new employee orientations
  • post the code on UNIITE’s web site
  • disseminate the code to all UNIITE volunteers via the appropriate vehicles

Approved by the UNIITE Board of Directors, March 21, 2006.