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graphic - housewarming


(An all-day event in three parts)


PART ONE 7 am: Yoga-meditation (plus breakfast) - CIE program
PART TWO 10 am - 12 Noon: Interfaith house-warming / house blessing - CIE program (plus potluck lunch
PART THREE 7 pm: Pipe Ceremony (Wicohan Wakan) plus dessert - UNIITE program


Saturday, December 13, 2003

Malcolm & Mariani Nazareth's Home
819 North 14th Street
St Cloud, MN 56303

*Parking: on 14th Street.
The St. Cloud Police Dept. has permitted the Nazareths' housewarming guests on December 13 to park on 14th St. North over the 90-min. time limit. If there is overflow on 14th St., guests are also free to park on 8th Ave. North on our block over the time limit. However they must remember to observe state laws regarding NOT parking
1) within 30 feet of a Stop sign or
2) within 20 feet of a crosswalk.

All day Saturday


Bring a friend. Meet CIE/UNIITE's wonderful patrons, clients, wellwishers, founders, & Board Members. Make lifetime linkages and friendships for peace, wellbeing, and harmony


Freewill offering gratefully accepted by UNIITE

1) to contribute toward the gas of the respected guest from the Cities who will be facilitating the Wicohan Wakan.
2) to grow UNIITE which is the non-profit wing of CIE.

You may also consider donating to UNIITE by purchasing an Interfaith Calendar 2004 (makes an excellent Christmas gift) for $14 (which is below cost price if you mail order a single copy yourself).



Information provided by
Malcolm & Mariani Nazareth,
Co-Founding Directors
Center for Interfaith Encounter.
Please call 320-230-6669 for any questions.




7:00am to 8:30am Yoga-meditation demo and practice for all past students who have benefited from CIE's offering since the Fall of 2000 and for anybody else who may be plain curious or eager to learn about yoga-med. Please bring
1) a yoga mat (as the basement, though carpeted, is cold)
2) warm, loose clothing, and
3) bagels or muffins to share over breakfast No charge
10:00am to 12:00 noon Interfaith house-warming / house blessing CIE program followed by potluck lunch. No gifts, please. Only bring
1) food and drink to share for the 12 noon potluck, and
2) a blessing / prayer for the new Nazareth / CIE (Center for Interfaith Encounter) residence from your faith tradition to share - anything as short as 1minute, or as long as 15 minutes.

For the present we have a few blessings/prayers already planned. The first two items will be inside on street level, the rest in the basement (14-step stairway):
1. Newly weds Ron Pitzen & Deb Fierst light the Nazareth hearth (Unity Church)
2. Light invocation by Lady Sherrell (Celtic Paganism)
3. Violin meditation by Cristina Seaborn (Unity Church / Urantia)
4. Devotional song on the tanpura by Lalita Subrahmanyan (Hinduism)
5. Violin solo by Nivedita Sarnath
6. Christmas carol on the tanpura by Malcolm & Mariani (S. Asian Christian)
7. Blessing by Chandra Prakash (Hinduism)
8. Priestly blessing by Rev. Linda Maloney (Episcopalian)
9. Blessing chant by Bette Bartos (Baha'i)
10.Blessing chant by Norhashimah Erpelding (Islam)
11.Children's prayer by Hakys & Inshyra Erpelding


American Indian Pipe Ceremony (Wicohan Wakan). An event sponsored by UNIITE. Pipe Ceremony conducted by Rubem Lima. Please plan to arrive by 6.45 p.m. No entry once the doors shut and the ceremony begins at 7 pm. Please bring a dessert or beverage to share. Malcolm & Mariani will offer hot cider.

From the facilitators of Saturday's Wicohan Wakan:
1) The ceremony will be held in the basement. You may need an extra cushion for your comfort. Or bring a folding chair if you can't sit on the floor.
2) There's a flight of 14 steps to be negotiated. We regret that the room is not handicap accessible.
3) Anybody who attends a Pipe Ceremony needs to be able to sit quiet for at least 2 hours. Hence, it wouldn't be appropriate to bring along little children. Singing, tobacco, and sage smell might also be uncomfortable to a baby.
4) There's no incense in an American Indian ceremony.